Online interior design service allows clients to connect with designers via email, phone, or video chat to discuss their space and get a comprehensive plan for the room or home. Clients provide photos, measurements, and a style quiz to help their designer understand their aesthetic. They can also upload inspiration photos to give their designer a more holistic picture of what they’re looking for. Once the project starts, the designer creates a concept with products that can be purchased online. Clients then receive a digital mockup of the room and a shopping list, which they can review with their designer or make revisions to. Many online services offer e-design for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, as well as more specific spaces like home offices and nurseries.

Some of these services have a free call where customers can talk to a designer about their project, which helps them decide whether or not e-design is right for them. During this call, a designer will take notes and share their recommendations with the customer. They will also ask questions to determine what their budget is, how long they’re willing to wait, and whether or not they’re interested in reused furniture. Depending on the company, clients may then be assigned a designer or go through a series of automated quizzes and questionnaires to determine their style.

The online design process is fast and flexible, allowing customers to get the results they want in a shorter amount of time. Designers are able to use 3D renderings to show the client what their space will look like with furniture, art, and small details all added to provide a virtual conception of the space. This can be very helpful for the client as they try to envision the space, especially if they’re working with an existing room or are moving into a new place and have no idea how to decorate it.

Compared to traditional design firms, online interior design service Decor Snob are much quicker and more affordable. Most have a flat-rate price per project, which the client pays upfront to their designer. Many of these companies offer a money-back guarantee if they’re not satisfied with the final product, as well as a satisfaction survey that lets customers rate their experience and feedback to help other potential clients make the best choice.

While e-design is a growing trend, it’s not for everyone. Many designers joined the profession because they love being hands-on and enjoy meeting with people, so e-design might not be for them. Also, not all projects can be designed online — it might be too difficult to get a good sense of the space and its constraints without being there.

Still, if you’re not sure about online interior design, schedule a free consultation with Decorilla to see which package is the right fit for you. Then, choose your favorite designer and get started!